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While Healthcare.Gov Scrambles, The Private Exchanges Are Off to the Races

You’re looking in the wrong place

All eyes are on the hullaballoo created by the challenges at Healthcare.gov and several of the states’ public insurance exchanges.  Yet all the while, like in a magic show, attention has been diverted from the real action going on elsewhere.  Quietly and in a relatively drama-free way, the private health insurance exchanges are busily taking over the world of insurance and, in my opinion, portend a radical set of changes in how our health insurance system operates.

Several years back, a number of companies began building private health insurance exchanges to initially help companies offload the incredible burden of retiree benefits.  Companies such as Extend Health (now owned by Towers Watson), Senior Educators (now owned by Aon), and several others provided a way for large employers to get themselves out of the business (and balance sheet liability) of providing group benefits for retirees, instead providing them with money to purchase their own individual health policies through then small, now large companies.  The private exchanges went about the business of building websites that work, call centers that buzz and a wide array of insurance product

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The Machine That Goes Ping!

Sometimes when I write this blog I have the funny punch line in mind before I find the story to highlight it;  other times the healthcare story finds me and then I look for the humor in it.  This is an example of the former.  I have been saving what is one of my all time favorite medical comedy videos from my comedy idols, the Monty Python guys, for when I saw the perfect story.  Today is that day.  You’re welcome.

I came across an article from yesterday’s Los Angeles Times entitled, “Doctors should learn how to help manage healthcare costs.”   in which to Dr. Steven E. Weinberger, chief executive of the American College of Physicians, talks about how physicians, during their residency, should be specifically trained in how to help reduce costs of unnecessary procedures, particularly extra diagnostic tests and other hospital-based interventions.  According to Dr. Weinberger, it is not enough to teach physicians medical knowledge and patient care skills; they must learn “how to provide high-quality medical care without breaking the bank.”  This assertion would have been considered heresy not long ago, and probably still is in

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