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We’re Women; We Have Double Standards to Live Up To –Ally McBeal

Typical Board of Directors Members

As I have written elsewhere, about 8% of all venture capital investment goes to companies led by women and fewer than 15% of all venture capitalists are of the female persuasion, despite women comprising approximately 37.5% of all MBA students (not the only route to venture capital and/or the CEO’s chair, but at least a partial correlate).  As of one year ago, only 25 of the Fortune 1000 companies had a woman CEO, yet women make up about 50% of America’s labor force.  Women also held only 11% of Fortune 1000 company Board of Director seats in 2009; 25% of Fortune 1000 companies have no women board members.

So the point is: women have some real challenges in reaching parity with their male counterparts in the executive suite.  Yeah, yeah, heard it all before.

The Product in Question

But a friend of mine who knows I am interested in such things sent me a New York Times article that pointed out yet another example of the lack of parity that women can experience, and this one is, shall we say, even more

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