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Hot Child in the City, Running Wild Looking Pretty

“Hot Child in the City, Running Wild Looking Pretty”–Nick Gilder

It’s been a while since I got up on my feminist high horse. I mean seriously, how many times can you write about how the number of women at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference approximates the number of women in the starting line-up of SF Giants baseball team?  So I’ve stuck to healthcare and investing topics and let others fight the good XX fight for a while (props to the women at XX in Health, Springboard and Astia, by the way).

Maybe 10% taller but not 10% better

I even kept my keyboard shut when I saw recently released US Census data reporting that even in the traditionally female role of nursing, the few men that join the field significantly out-earn the women. Men comprise about 9.6% of nurses in the U.S. and their female counterparts earn about 90% of what the men do.  Seriously?  Give a girl a break.

But every once in a while one sees something that she just can’t ignore.  For me that was last week when I heard about a new Disney

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Where The Boys Are…And Not The Girls: Tales from the 2012 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

JP Morgan by the bay

I set off for five straight days at the annual JP Morgan healthcare conference last Monday, but on the way drove the carpool to my daughter’s high school that morning in a last ditch attempt to act like a responsible and caring parent. My poor daughter gets completely abandoned during JP Morgan week every year and, as she so aptly put it, it is a mixed blessing. When I arrived home finally yesterday afternoon she said to me that she likes that I am not there to tell her what to do, but not that I am not there to act as her personal assistant and laugh at her jokes. I must admit, she is pretty funny. Especially that part about the personal assistant.

Anyway, during my last parental act of last week, my daughter’s friend, who also happens to be a JP Morgan orphan (her dad is also a healthcare venture capitalist), asked me from the back seat, “So, are there many women at this conference?”

What it looks like inside the conference

It was interesting to get that question from a 15 year

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More on “Hey, Where Is Everybody Going?”

Last week I published a post called “Hey, Where Is Everybody Going?” which was about the many venture capitalists who are leaving the practice of life sciences.  It was, interestingly (to me anyway), my most popular post to date.  I guess there are a lot of us healthcare VCs that are worried that the next time we open the door there will be a new guy in a black hood holding a scythe–and he’s not the same guy that usually comes to the partners’ meetings.

Anyway, the Burrill Report called me and asked me to elaborate on the topic in an interview for their weekly podcast so here is the outcome of that endeavor for those of you just dying to hear my voice (hi mom!).  You can listen to the podcast by clicking HERE and following the link on the Burrill Report website.




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We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision

We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision.”–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Xconomy (a great web publication of life science and technology news and analysis that targets the “innovation community”) asked me to serve as their roving correspondent to provide a view from the MedTechVision Conference, held September 15-16 at the Rosewood Hotel in Menlo Park, CA.  Here is my report:

Vance Vanier: man in a sea of women

“I hadn’t given any thought to the fact that it was theoretically a ‘women’s conference before I walked into the room. I’d just promised the organizer, a friend, that I would come,” said Vance Vanier, CEO of Navigenics. “But walking into the room full of women had quite an impact; I realized how much I stood out and it was worth noting. It made me realize what women experience when they go to events like this.”

Vanier was commenting on his experience as a male attendee at the conference, which was intended to provide a platform for the many women executives in the medical technology field to wield the microphone. Some 200 women and 3 intrepid

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Man! I Feel Like a Woman!

Today’s post was generated as a result of a request by PE Hub’s editor, Jon Marino, who asked me to author a piece for his publication about how male venture capital and private equity executives could “redeem themselves” in the eyes of women in the field.  As you can see if you read further, I took another tack with the story, as I am pretty confident that most of the men in my profession don’t view it as their job to redeem themselves for this purpose.

I have been fascinated by the feedback I get on the articles I write on the male/female interaction in my field, as nearly 100% of the emails and written comments I get are from men.  Women colleagues will sometimes mention they have read them, but male colleagues take action and write—very interesting.  The comments I get from my male fans and detractors range from telling me I am completely off-base and borderline insane (hard to argue with that one) to resounding apologies that men are, in fact, the root of all evil, at least when it comes to the gender-based tensions in the

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It’s Different for Girls

That is not the situation I had in mind

I had one of those moments today that make you realize how complicated the challenge of achieving equality of the sexes in the workplace (or anywhere) really is.   I was sitting in the lounge at the gym watching the communal TV.  On the screen:  Piers Morgan and another guy talking about Hurricane Irene and specifically about the flooding at the Jersey Shore (now that is a Situation).  A basic run-of-the-mill middle-aged white guy who looked to be about 50 years old sat down next to me on the couch to watch the TV, which had no audio since the sound was turned off.

For no obvious reason, Michelle Bachman came on the TV screen in the middle of the hurricane story.  I said, “I hope that the audio is saying that she got washed out to sea in the storm.”  My new seatmate says to me, “It must be really hard being a woman and watching her in a leadership role.”

Not a woman who is an idiot, just an idiot

Because I just can’t help myself, I said back to

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Psst…Can You Sell Me a Dime Bag of Metformin? (plus a dose of Medical Comedy)

If you opened the newspaper and saw an article that said drugs were in short supply and thus their street cost is skyrocketing, causing buyers to go deep into the black market and overseas to replenish their stores, what would immediately come to mind?  Pablo Escobar? Willie Nelson needs to re-route his bus?  Plot of Cheech and Chong’s comeback vehicle?

But the fact of the matter is that this is the very true story of the U.S. pharmaceutical market right now, where critical shortages of legal prescription drugs are leading physicians and hospitals to turn away patients and/or delay the administration of life-saving medicines.  According to a recent NY Times article, “So far this year, at least 180 drugs that are crucial for treating childhood leukemia, breast and colon cancer, infections and other diseases have been declared in short supply — a record number.”

By the way, by “other diseases” they don’t mean weird stuff like cat scratch fever, they mean everyday problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and even drugs for surgery and anesthesia.  In other words, we are talking shortages of drugs that could send everyone’s grandma

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FemBots, Rise Up!

If you are a regular follower of my blog, you know I like to write about the plight of women in business and the challenges we sometimes face in being treated equally to our male colleagues.  As a regular reader you would also know that I am fascinated by how technology is being adapted and adopted to improve the human condition and that I sometimes like to make fun of some of the more over-the-top applications (see FitBit article HERE).  And yet, when I read a story in the International Business Times entitled IBM Develops Brain-like Chip, I immediately recognized that my two of my pet issues were on a collision course.

Brain synapses as a model for SyNAPSE learning

According to the IB Times article, “IBM is deploying its [research] expertise in the attempt to accomplish the unthinkable: developing a chip to mimic the human brain.  IBM says its new chip, called SyNAPSE, comes closer than anything done before at replicating the human brain, a breakthrough considering the system is capable of “rewiring” its connections as it encounters new information the same way the biological synapses of

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Women on the Verge

Today the Asian Venture Capital Journal published an article on women in private equity and venture capital entitled, “Minority Report.”  Among the things the article points out are that about 9% of those working in the venture capital and private equity fields are women and that figure is basically the same in the U.S., Europe and Asia.  Nice to know that if you are going to be discriminated against, the discrimination will be distributed equally worldwide!  Lots of good stuff in this article, including some of my usual politically incorrect quotes.  To read the article from the AVCJ, click HERE

Follow the Money, Honey

Interestingly, there was another article this week in the Wall Street Journal blog that reported on a study of women and angel investing.  In an academic study of 183 angel investing groups, it was found that women are far less risk-averse as investors than the stereotype suggests.  In fact, angel groups with a larger percentage of women investors made more and larger investment bets than those that had few women.  I am not sure whether this means that a larger number of women means the risk

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Board Games

As a venture/private equity investor, I have one of those jobs that is somewhat nebulous to most people.  They ask questions like, “What the heck do you actually DO?”  “How do you spend your time on an average day?” and “Do you actually, you know, work?”

Hey, can you peel those grapes before feeding them to me?

For those of you who think that the life of the venture capital or private equity investor looks like a walk in the park and that all of us are sitting around eating pre-peeled grapes while getting neck rubs and rolling naked in cash, all I can say is, “I wish.”

It’s actually a pretty intense job, much more complex and nuanced than I expected when I first started at it 13 years ago.  So much of it is about working in partnership with people in an environment where you personally have little control or direct authority to make things happen and yet where you feel you know the right thing to do (“so why aren’t they just doing it already?!”).  You have to drink from a magical cocktail of knowledge, experience,

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